The Catepillar Woman hc

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Nadia Sammurtok
Grade Levels:
One, Two, Three, Four, Five
Book Type:
Inhabit Media

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The Caterpillar Woman written by Nadia Sammurtok based on a traditional Inuit story, this picture book explores inner beauty, kindness, and transformation making it a perfect addition to any young reader’s bookshelf. Piujuq is a kind young woman who loves to take long walks on the tundra and dance by her favourite lake surrounded by butterflies. But one day, she encounters a stranger on her walk. When this person asks a favour of Piujuq, she happily obliges, and that kindness leaves Piujuq stuck in the body of a caterpillar. Alone, and thinking that no one could ever love her because of how she looks, Piujuq does not return to her camp. Instead, she lives a lonely life on the tundra as a caterpillar. Until one day, when another stranger appears and allows her to accept herself and transform. Full-colour illustrations throughout the book by illustrator Carolyn Gan make this an ideal read-aloud title for primary junior titles. Includes a pronunciation guide for the Inuktitut words used in the story.

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