Fishing with Grandma

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Susan Avingaq, Maren Vsetula
Grade Levels:
Kindergarten, One, Two
Arctic, Inuit
Book Type:
Inhabit Media
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Fishing with Grandma is the 2016 release from Inhabit Media written by Inuk author Susan Avingaq with Maren Vsetula. This fun and engaging story is lighthearted and informative as two children plan on a day of fishing with their grandmother. The children visit their Anaanatsiaq (grandmother) one October day and find her sitting on the floor sewing a piece of sealskin and listening to fiddle music playing on the radio. The children ask grandma to take them on an adventure which turns out to be jigging for fish out on the lake. Grandma is ready to help the boy and girl learn for about jigging. Grandma advises the children on the kind of clothing to wear and helps the pair pack the ATV. Off they go for a trip to the lake. Here grandma shows the children how to test the ice for safety and set up holes in the ice and how to use the jigging rod. The children learn patience as they lie quietly on the ice holding the line waiting for Arctic Char to take a bite. At the end of the day grandma and the children have caught many fish. They return home for a special feast but first deliver fish to elders who could no longer go out on the land. The children thank their grandma for such a wonderful day where they learned so much about jigging. The story ends as the children look forward to their next adventure. The end pages show the tools involved in jigging and the next page provides a glossary of Inuit terms and pronunciation guide. This picture book benefits from the fun illustrations created by Charlene Chua. Highly recommended. Ideal for primary grades; Reading Level: 2.9.

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