It's Time For Bed-FNCR19

SKU: 9781772272277

Jeremy Debicki, Ceporah Mearns
Grade Levels:
Kindergarten, One, Two
Arctic, Inuit
Book Type:
Inhabit Media

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It's Time for Bed is a universal parent-child nightly ritual in picture book format published by Inhabit Media. But in the Canadian Arctic there are far too many exciting things to do and see when a young girl is told it is time to prepare for bed. Siasi does not want to brush her teeth or put away her toys. She just wants to play with the Arctic animals. Siasi tells her mother she wants to dance with a polar bear, or howl with wolves or even swim with fish. And she does not want to go to bed. Mother remains patient and asks her reluctant daughter after every excuse, are you ready for bed? Finally after coming up with numerous reasons why she is not ready for bed, Siasi has run out of excuses and decides it is time for bed. Told in rhyming verse and illustrated by comic-like drawings this is a fun way of setting the stage for a child's night time rituals. This picture book will be a unique and creative way of preparing young girls and boys for bedtime. Based on author Ceporah Mearns and her daughter's excuses for staying up just a bit longer when her mother announces it is bedtime. Recommended.

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