Welcome to New France- Exploration

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Christine Zuchora-Walske
Welcome to New France Series
Grade Levels:
Three, Four, Five, Six
Huron, Innu, Iroquois, Wendat
Book Type:
Beech Street Books
Welcome to New France Series
Copyright Date:

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Welcome to New France: Exploration of New France is one of six volumes in Beech Street Books series about the early development of New France written for elementary level students in grades 4 to 6. Written by Christine Zuchora-Walske, the 32-page title offers basic information about the history of New France from the fifteenth to seventeenth centuries. Each title is organized into six chapters and this title covers First Nations and French Fishermen; Cartier and the St. Lawrence River; Champlain: Explorer and Founder; Exploring the Great Lakes; Hunt for the Western Sea; and Exploring  Farther West. Despite the current understandings about early explorers in North America this series reflects the perspective of Euro-Western historians of the 1950s. This volume acknowledges that First Nations and Inuit Peoples had lived and flourished on the continent and had assisted early explorers in their endeavours the text continues to list Europeans as the founders of New France. This volume contains Colour Photographs, Black & White photographs, and Illustrations, Table of Contents, Maps, Glossary, For Further Information, Framing Questions, Index, and Suggested Web Sites. Levelled Guided Reading: V-W.

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