Les communautés autochtones canadiennes - Les Mohawks / Indigenous Communities in Canada - The Mohawk (FR)

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Delores Nixon
Les Communautés Autochtones Canadiennes
Grade Levels:
Two, Three, Four, Five
Iroquois, Mohawk, Woodland
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Beech Street Books
Les Communautés Autochtones Canadiennes
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Les Communautés Autochtones Canadiennes: Les Mohawks is the French language translation for Beech Street Books’ Series title Indigenous Communities in Canada: Mohawk Nation. This volume is an elementary level information book from Beech Street Books about the past and present-day culture and history of the Woodland people known as the Mohawk by Europeans. They called themselves Kanien’keha:ka, meaning "People of the Flint”. They are part of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy and today they reside mainly in Ontario and Quebec. Influenced by the climate and land along the Mohawk River, this Nation created complex societies organized around matriarchal clan families. The text uses colour images and simple content that introduces primary and junior level students to the family, cultural traditions, and daily life of these remarkable people. The book contains Colour Photographs, Black & White Photographs, Table of Contents, Glossary, For Further Information, Maps, Inquiry Questions, and Web Site references. Content consultant was Letsenhaienhs Kahsennenhawe Sky-Deer, Mohawk Council of Kahnawa:ke. Guided Reading Level: Q. French translation is provided by Nathalie Thompson. Recommended despite a misleading reference stating that the Mohawk River is in eastern Canada.

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