Indigenous communities in Canada- Tlingit (HC)

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Carol V. Geddes
Indigenous Communities in Canada
Grade Levels:
Three, Four, Five
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Beech Street Books
Indigenous Communities in Canada
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Indigenous Communities in Canada: Tlingit is an elementary level information book by Carol V. Geddes. Published by Beech Street Books, this book is part of their Curriculum Connections series. Indigenous Communities in Canada are about the past and present-day culture and history of Indigenous communities in Canada. Indigenous Communities in Canada: Tlingit, describes the location of Tlingit people in what is now known as Alaska and Canada. Russian and Tlingit trading of sea otter fur for goods the Tlingit did not have shows that this trading also brought challenges such as diseases. Chapter one also discusses daily life and the social organization and traditions including the longhouse and Tlingit language. In chapter two, tools made and used in daily life show the importance of the ocean, large lakes or rivers to make canoes and boats, which also relates to food that was gathered including herring and whale.  Chapter three is about art and culture and the use of cedar and spruce wood to make masks, carvings and totem poles. Weaving is also an important art as is storytelling, songs and dances. In Chapter four Tlingit spiritual beliefs show that the whole world and all creatures have a spirit that lives forever. Potlaches are also an important part of Tlingit beliefs. A map of Tlingit traditional territory is shown in colour. The text is complemented by colourful photos and the content introduces primary and junior level students to the Tlingit Nation. Throughout the text readers will find ‘Say It’ prompts to pronounce Tlingit words. Includes a table of contents, glossary, information on learning more with websites, an index and information about the authors. Guided reading level: M. Recommended.

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