Swift Fox All Along (HC) (FNCR 2021)

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Rebecca Thomas
Grade Levels:
Kindergarten, One, Two
Book Type:
Annick Press
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Swift Fox All Along by Rebecca Thomas, Mi’kmaw and registered with Lennox Island First Nation, and Illustrated by Maya McKibbin, Ojibwe, Yoeme and Irish, asks what it means to be Mi’kmaq. In Swift Fox All Along, Swift Fox looks for the answer and wonders if she will ever feel like part of her family. When Swift Fox’s father picks her up to go visit her aunties, uncles, and cousins, her belly is already full of butterflies. And when he tells her that today is the day that she’ll learn how to be Mi’kmaq, the butterflies grow even bigger. Though her father reassures her that Mi’kmaq is who she is from her eyes to her toes, Swift Fox doesn’t understand what that means. Her family welcomes her with smiles and hugs, but when it’s time to smudge and everyone else knows how, Swift Fox feels even more like she doesn’t belong. Then she meets her cousin Sully and realizes that she’s not the only one who’s unsure—and she may even be the one to teach him something about what being Mi’kmaq means. Based on the author’s own experience, with striking illustrations by Maya McKibbin, Swift Fox All Along is a poignant story about identity and belonging that is at once personal and universally resonant. Recipient of the 2020 Governor General’s Literary Awards.

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