A Summer's Trade

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Deborah W. Trotter
Grade Levels:
Two, Three, Four, Five
Navajo, Southwest
Book Type:
Salina Bookshelf
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A Summer's Trade, Shiigo Na'iini' is a bilingual children's picture book publisher by Salina Bookshelf told in English and Navajo. Author Deborah Trotter tells the story of a young Navajo boy who learns the meaning of hard work, determination, and sacrifice while working at a summer job. Tony would love nothing better than to help his father with the family's sheep and goats. But he spends his summer working at the trading post in town to earn enough money to buy a well-worn saddle. With the purchase of the saddle Tony will then be able to help at home. Problems begin to befall his extended family. Then the boy's grandmother is seen pawning her special silver-and-turquoise bracelet in order to assist her family. Tony is concerned and when grandmother becomes ill Tony realizes what he must do. He uses his summer job money to but back grandmother's jewelry and she regains her health. The beautiful colour illustrations by Irving Toddy capture the landscape and people of the Southwest. The Navajo language text is by Lorraine Begay Manavi.

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