Dine Bizaad Binahoo aah

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Evangeline Parsons Yazzie, Margaret Speas
Grade Levels:
Ten, Eleven, Twelve, College, University
Navajo, Southwest
Book Type:
Salina Bookshelf
Copyright Date:

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Dine Bizaad Binahoo aah: Rediscovering the Navajo Language, an introduction to the Navajo language is a 448-page textbook published by Salina Bookshelf for secondary level and college students who want to learn how to speak, write, and read the Navajo language. The 30 chapter book uses a commonly accepted writing system and can be useful for beginner and advanced learners. The introductory chapters cover the Navajo alphabet, sound system and pronunciation guide. The authors use a verb-based approach to discussing simple sentence structure built around themes appropriate for the Navajo learner. Topics include my immediate and extended family, clan relationships, clothing, food, activities, time, seasons, numeracy, traveling, corn, livestock, weather, water, Navajo government, colours and sounds, and treaties. In addition to the vocabulary, speaking, reading, and application skills, each chapter provides historical and cultural background for each topic as it relates to the Navajo. The book contains an index, bibliography and Navajo to English, and English to Navajo glossaries. This is a valuable resource for learning and teaching the Navajo language produced by Navajo educators.

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