Lighting the Eighth Fire

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Leanne Simpson
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College, University
Multiple Nations
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Arbeiter Ring Publishing
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Lighting the Eighth Fire: The Liberation, Resurgence, and Protection of Indigenous Nations is a collection of 13 essays by Indigenous scholars edited by Leanne Simpson. The collection offers readers an insight into Indigenous perspectives regarding colonialism, self-government, traditional knowledge, liberation, and the importance of the land. Writers from a range of First Nations offer Nation specific understandings about these issues in terms of economic development, treaties, politics, governance, environmental concerns, and social justice movements. Of particular interest are the papers by Haudenosaunee scholars such as Susan Hill, Laura Hall, and Taiaiake Alfred. The following authors are also included in this collection: Nicholas Xumthoult Claxton, Fred (Gopit) Metallic, Leanne Simpson, RenÚe Elizabeth Mzinegiizhigo-kwe BÚdard, Paula Sherman, Jackie Price, Jocelyn Cheechoo, Brock Pitawankwat, Isabel Altamirano-Jimenez, Glen Coulthard, and Eden Robinson. Essays include: Travelling Down the River of Life Together in Peace and Friendship, Forever: Haudenosaunee Land Ethics and Treaty Agreements as the Basis For Restructuring the Relationship with the British Crown; Strengthening our Relations in Gespe'gewa'gi, the Seventh District of Mi'gma'gi; Keepers of the Water: Nishnaabe-kwewag Speaking For the Water; The Friendship Wampum: Maintaining Traditional Practices in Our Contemporary Interactions in the Valley of the Kiji Sibi; Living Inuit Governance in Nunavut; The Colonization and Decolonization of Indigenous Diversity; Beyond Recognition: Indigenous Self-Determination as Prefigurative Practice; and The Environment of Indigenous Economies: Honouring The Three Sisters and Re-Centering Haudenosaunee Ways of Life. Eden Robinson's piece closes the collection.

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