Living Safe, Playing Safe-SS1

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Karen Olson
Grade Levels:
Preschool, Kindergarten, One, Two
Multiple Nations
Book Type:
Theytus Books Ltd.
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Living Safe, Playing Safe is a children's picture book developed by the Penticton Indian Band Health Department to teach young children about the choices they can make to live healthy. This book in the Caring for Me series discusses ways children can have fun at play and remain safe. Several scenarios make up this book. Several young children play safe in a variety of settings including travelling in a car, in the school playground, and in the kitchen. Riding in a car, the child remembers to buckle the seatbelt. Walking on the street, a father reminds his daughter not to pet a dog without an adult's permission. Two children help prepare cookies in the kitchen. One child takes stirs the flour, and the other measures the milk. Mother chops the chocolate and reminds the children that only adults should use sharp utensils. She also reminds the children not to put anything into the electrical outlet. In the kitchen, under the sink is a bottle with the poison sign. One child recalls that this should not be handled because her cousin drank poison and had to go to the hospital. In the playground, four children are playing and one boy jumps and injures his foot. Mother is close by and takes her son to the doctor. The bold and simple drawings by artist Leonard George convey the message of making healthy choices. The author and illustrator are careful to make this book suitable for children of all backgrounds.

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