The Legend of the Caribou Boy, Ekw? Dozhýý Wegondi

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John Blondin, Mary Rose Sundberg
Grade Levels:
One, Two, Three, Four, Five
Dene, Dogrib, Subarctic, Tlicho
Book Type:
Theytus Books Ltd.
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The Legend of the Caribou Boy, Ekw? Dozhýý Wegondi is a traditional Dene legend told by George Blondin, respected Elder and storyteller, and adapted by his late son John Blondin (1960-1996). This new Theytus publication is a bilingual picture book with the story printed in English and the Weledeh Dialect of the Dogrib/Tlicho (Na-Dene) language. This simply-told story for young children explains how long ago a young boy who was having difficult dreams was destined to provide a gift for his family and community. The story revolves around a young boy who is travelling with his extended family thorough the bush in winter. Each night the family stops for their meal and after they bed down for the night the boy has recurring dreams. His parents and grandfather notice his moaning and groaning and when they wake the boy they ask what the dream was. The boy cannot recall. This happens over several nights. Finally the parents request the boy's grandfather assistance in discovering the issue. The grandfather uses his medicine gifts to determine the problem but finds no answer. The next night the parents wake and find their son missing. The family tracks the boy and they discover an amazing occurrence. Caribou are actually walking with the boy and the boy is changing into a caribou before their eyes. The boy explains his gift to his family and the Dene people. The boy is really a caribou and when the Dene people need food they should call on him and he will ensure the people have meat for their families. In this way the Tlicho people acknowledge their close relationship to the land and the animals especially the caribou. The hardcover picture book is bilingual with the text written in simple English sentences and the Weledeh Dialect. A CD-ROM accompanies the book and it contains a pronunciation guide along with the story told in English and Dene. The colour illustrations by Ray McSwain will captivate readers with their brilliant blues, and the drawings of the Northern Lights are especially intriguing.

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