Aboriginal Law Commentary and Analysis

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Thomas Isaac
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College, University
Inuit, Metis, Multiple Nations
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Purich Publishing
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Aboriginal Law: Commentary and Analysis is the 2012 edition of this important introduction to Aboriginal legal issues in Canada. Thomas Isaac highlights the most important aspects of Canadian law as it impacts on Aboriginal peoples and their relationship with the wider Canadian society. While covering important issues such as Aboriginal and treaty rights, constitutional issues, land claims, self-government, provincial and federal roles in dealing with Aboriginal peoples, the rights of the Métis, and the Indian Act, this book pays particular attention to the Crown’s duty to consult. In discussing the Crown’s duty to consult the author canvasses when and to whom the duty applies. He also highlights the role of governments in reconciling Aboriginal interests with the needs of Canadian society as a whole. The Supreme Court of Canada is clear that the objective of achieving reconciliation lies primarily with governments. This is a law book, but it is designed for use by anyone needing to understand Aboriginal legal issues and is presented in a neutral way. All major Canadian cases dealing with Aboriginal law are discussed and analyzed in this volume. The author looks at the broad picture of trends that are developing in the law and the background to such trends. This fifth edition of Aboriginal Law does not contain case or legislative excerpts, all of which are readily available on the internet. Topics include Aboriginal rights, Aboriginal title, treaty rights, modern treaties and land claims, federal authority, reserve land and tax matters, provincial authority, duty to consult, Métis and Inuit rights, maps, and an index to court cases.

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