The Honour and Dishonour of the Crown: Making Sense of Aboriginal Law in Canada

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Jamie Dickson
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College, University
Haida, Mi'kmaq
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Purich Publishing
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The Honour and Dishonour of the Crown: Making Sense of Aboriginal Law in Canada by legal scholar Jamie Dickson contends the honour of the Crown should be the starting principle in settling disputes between the Crown and Aboriginal peoples. He contends that courts have begun to place greater emphasis on the honour of the Crown and explores the theoretical and practical implications of this shift. Beginning with the example of the Haida Nation and the honour of the Crown principle, the author examines this idea prior to, and after the Haida's legal issues in the BC Supreme Court and the Canadian Supreme Court. He proceeds to examine the fiduciary accountability of the Crown in terms of Aboriginal legal issues, and the practical implications of these legal pursuits. Jamie Dickson is vice-president in charge of legal affairs at Des Nedhe Development, which is the economic development organization of English River First Nation in Saskatchewan. Prior to that role, he worked in private practice with a national business law firm, as corporate counsel for a major resource development company, and as a consultant for First Nations in various contexts. In 2014, Dickson completed his Master of Laws program at the University of Saskatchewan. As part of that program, he wrote a master’s thesis entitled “The Honour of the Crown: Making Sense of Crown Liability Doctrine in Crown/Aboriginal Law in Canada.”  That thesis formed the basis for this book.


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