Talking Tools

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Patrick Scott
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College, University
Dene, Dogrib
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University of Alberta Press
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Talking Tools: Faces of Aboriginal Oral Tradition in Contemporary Society explores the power of oral tradition in Dene society as a foundational cultural and linguistic tool. Four distinct elements are examined: the story-keepers; the importance of practice; the emergence of new stories; and the challenges of sustainability. Finally, the emergence of new technologies and their relevance to the sustainability of the tradition and art of storytelling are discussed. Justice Thomas Berger's inquiry into the impacts of a proposed pipeline through the Yukon and Mackenzie Valley was a landmark in Canadian aboriginal and northern history. The inquiry provided a voice for the Dene who had no say on developments in their homeland until then. This volume chronicles some of the stories heard at the Inquiry to illustrate the Dene worldview. It was though storytelling that the Dene became cognizant of their place in the world, and no longer an isolated northern tribe. The telling of their stories no only revitalized the Dene, but created a revival of grass-roots democracy across Canada. With the more recent telling of John B. Zoe's story on the cosmology of the Tlicho from the time of signing the Treaty in 1921 to the Tlicho Agreement, a long-standing tradition was being refreshed. The Journey is now part of the lexicon of Tlicho stories, adding to their oral history as a people from time immemorial. Patrick Scott moved to the North in 1975, on an 11-month contract with the Canadian Broadcasting Company, and never left. He graduated from Ryerson University in Photographic Arts, and he is now Negotiations Co-ordinator with Dehcho First Nations. The 320-page book includes 74 colour photographs, 31 black & white photos, 2 colour maps, 3 b&w maps, and references.

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