Red Power: A Graphic Novel

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Brian Wright-McLeod
Grade Levels:
Eleven, Twelve, Adult Education
Multiple Nations
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Fifth House Publishers
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Red Power: A Graphic Novel by Dakota-Anishinaabe artist and journalist Brian Wright-McLeod. Designed for mature readers this 60-page graphic novel is a fictionalized account of the Navajo land struggle at Big Mountain, Arizona in the 1970s. Peabody Mining was actively seeking the federal government's assistance in relocating the Navajo people from their lands so the mining operations could access natural resources from the territory. The Indigenous People resisted and this story is one interpretation of this resistance through the eyes of the main character Billy Moon. Greed and corruption of local tribal council, law enforcement, and corporations seeking water rights all converge to the point where community members, Elders, and supporters arrive to make a stand. In this volatile situation Billy finds traditional knowledge and medicine in the form of the sweat lodge all play a role in his reawakening. Mature language and violence. Black and white illustrations are effective in making the gritty reality of the 1970s Indian resistance movement.

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