Traditional Inuit Stories From Arviat - Vol.2

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Mark Kalluak
Grade Levels:
Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven
Arctic, Inuit
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Inhabit Media
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Traditional Inuit Stories from Arviat: Unipkaaqtuat Arvianit, volume 2 were collected, translated, and illustrated by well-known Inuk storyteller and language educator Mark Kalluak (1942-2011). Since the 1970s this remarkable Elder has collected Inuit traditional stories about the land of the Far North, the people, and the animals. Each story is illustrated by the author who suffered from polio in his youth making these coloured drawings all the more poignant and compelling. Told in Inuktitut syllabics with an English translation below, the 11 legends explain the roles and origins of the moon and the sun; how a woman was pulled by the sun's gravity; the Ingnirjuk (Sea Ghost); children abducted by an Amautalik; a man snatched by Ijiraq; owl and polar bear tease each other; and the people who turned to stone. Stories about justice, revenge, greed and laziness often contain mature themes of violence that are appropriate for secondary level students. These stories provide cultural details about the land and the challenges of living in the Arctic in times past. They also include supernatural elements as people interact with the spiritual beings and powerful animals. The author allows readers to understand the way of life of Inuit and how they coped making these stories come to life with the reality of Inuit cultural history. An overview of the story is provided at the beginning of each story and the author effectively uses Inuit terms within the English text to allow readers to understand the meaning of the word in its context. Recommended. First Nation Communities Read 2012 title.

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