Road Allowance Kitten

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Wilfred Burton
Grade Levels:
Four, Five, Six
Book Type:
Gabriel Dumont Institute

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Road Allowance Kitten is a children’s bilingual (Michif/English) picture book published in 2015 by Gabriel Dumont Institute. Written by Wilfred Burton and illustrated by Christina Johns, with Michif translation by Norman Fleury this primary title is based on a true account about the Métis who lived along the road allowance in the western provinces. One common theme about Métis families living along the roads is their precarious homes. Often governments move the Métis to northern locations for their communities. This meant families were moved at a moment's notice. This story features two young girls who share a pet kitten. When they pack to leave their homes the children are told they cannot take their pets. Travelling by train to their new locations the girls plan to smuggle the kitten in a quilt. The story introduces junior level readers to an aspect of Métis history. Told in dual languages the book features an audio CD with the story read in English and Michif. Also included in this book is a map, glossary of new terms, and the author's own account of hearing about this aspect of Métis history. Recommended.

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