The Salmon Run

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Clayton Gauthier
Grade Levels:
Kindergarten, One, Two, Three, Four
Carrier, Dene, Pacific NW
Book Type:
Theytus Books Ltd.
Copyright Date:

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The Salmon Run is the 2016 picture book released from Theytus Books. Carrier also known as Dakelh artist Clayton Gauthier is the author and illustrator of this dual language information book. Gauthier took a writing course at the En’owkin Centre in British Columbia and ended up in a children's literature writing course. Through the course he was inspired to create a primary level account of one of the most important food sources on the Northwest Coast. Explaining the all-important salmon run for young children is told to young readers and literacy level readers through illustration and the bilingual text (English and Dakelh). Translated by Clayton's uncle Francois Prince into the Carrier language the text appears in Roman orthography and a phonetic notation as well as English. The story revolves around the journey of a female salmon who swims to her birth location in order to spawn or lay her eggs for the future generation and the Carrier families and children. The account stresses the importance of this sacrifice by the female salmon. It tells the story from the salmon's perspective, Recommended.

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