The Land is Our Storybook : Sharing Our Truths

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Eileen Beaver, Henry Beaver, Mindy Willett
Grade Levels:
Four, Five, Six, Seven
Chipewyan, Cree, Dene
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Fifth House Publishers
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Sharing Our Truth, Tapwe, is one of the titles in Fifth House Publishing's The Land Is Our Storybook series about the diverse lands and cultures of Canada’s Northwest Territories and Nunavut. This book co-authored by Henry Beaver and Mindy Willet offers readers a view into the life of Henry Beaver and his wife Eileen Beaver and their Fort Smith community when their grandchildren come to visit. Boating, beaver trapping, setting up a tipi, traditional medicines and smudging, salt harvesting, hand games, and spending time with cousins and friends were part of this visit. Salt River First Nations is located near Fort Smith or Thebacha, which is the most southerly community in the Northwest Territory. Henry Beaver is Nehiyaw or Cree and has been Chief and strongly believes in treaty rights, and Eileen identifies as Dene Dedline, Chipewyan and has been active in culture and language development. Language and sharing culture and Indigenous Knowledge is an important part of their lives. Both were part of the film Three Feathers. The informative and engaging text has by colour photographs taken by Tessa Macintosh. Richard Van Camp was also supportive of this project. Illustrations such as the Medicine Wheel and knotting, and captions for the photographs provide additional information. The book includes a map of the Wood Buffalo National Park, and a glossary of terms. The part biography and information book shows engagement in traditional activities while maintaining the environment for future generations. ATOS Reading Level: 5.4; Reading Level: 5.1. Highly recommended.

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