Under the Ice FNCR14

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Rachel A. Qitsualik
Grade Levels:
Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight
Arctic, Inuit
Book Type:
Inhabit Media
Copyright Date:

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Under the Ice is based on the traditional legend about the qallupiluq creatures that reside under the ice and are in constant search for children. Inuk author and language consultant Rachel A. Qitsualik combines this scary story with the comic book style artwork of Jae Korim to create a highly readable tale about a poor grandmother raising her young grandson long ago. This grandmother loses patience with her grandson after the hungry boy begs for some food to eat. Grandmother is unable to provide enough food for the pair despite the generosity of her neighbours. She yells at her grandson and says that she wishes the sea creatures, the qallupiluq, would take him away. Her wish is fulfilled. The child is cared for by the creatures under the sea and despite search parties the boy chooses to remain in his new home with his new parents. Secretly the Inuit village hunters plan to kidnap the boy from the depths under the ice. The hunters are successful and the boy has new Inuit parents who take good care of the boy. He grows into a skilled hunter. The storyteller is unsure if the young man ever returned to his grandmother or remained with his kind Inuit parents. Most likely the young man remained with the kind parents. He had survived his difficult childhood and experienced life under the ice. As for the qallupiluq, the storyteller explains these sea creations may have experienced anger or grief over the loss of the child. That is left to the listener or reader to explore. This part graphic novel and part traditional legend is highly recommended.

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