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Sean Qitsualik-Tinsley, Rachel Qitsualik-Tinsley
Grade Levels:
Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten
Arctic, Inuit
Book Type:
Inhabit Media
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Rachel & Sean Qitsualik-Tinsley have won the 2015 Burt Award for First Nations, Métis and Inuit Literature. Skraelings is an exciting groundbreaking young adult novel set in the arctic landscape of long ago. Early contact between the Vikings and the Tuniit, a race of ancient Inuit ancestors known for their strength and shyness. Told through the perspective of an adventurous young Inuk man named Kannujaq this story recounts what may have occurred during first contact between the Tuniit, ancestors of the Inuit, and the giants known as Vikings. When Kannujaq's travels brings him into contact with a Tuniit camp, he believes his people's stories about these shy, unsophisticated ancestors. After being welcomed into the Tuniit camp, Kannujaq learns more about their troubles with the mysterious giants who travel in huge boats. Kannujaq learns these warlike strangers are focused on killing the Tuniit. He promises his new friend that together the pair will try to protect the camp. The story is a unique approach to the history of the Inuit told from their perspective. When anthropologists study the ancient peoples of the Arctic, these ancestors of contemporary Inuit are called Dorset. This historical fiction novel introduces young adult readers to possibilities of early contact with the Vikings. Throughout the book, the publisher includes stark black and white illustrations that indicate the menacing nature of the early encounters. The book makes effective use of Inuit terms and names and includes a detailed glossary and pronunciation guide. In this brief novel the authors succeed in keeping today's reader ever aware that Inuit did have history and opinions. The authors close the story by talking directly to readers as if they have been present as we readers engage withe the characters. Inhabit Media indicates Skraelings is volume one of this exciting series. Highly Recommended. Finalist for the 2014 Governor General’s Literary Award.  Book Study:

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