Honour Drum: Sharing the Beauty of Canada's Indigenous People with Children, Families and Classrooms

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Cheryl Bear, Tim Huff
Grade Levels:
One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six
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Castle Quay Books
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Honour Drum: Sharing the Beauty of Canada's Indigenous People with Children, Families and Classrooms is written by Nadleh Whut'en First Nation author Cheryl Bear and social-justice worker Tim Huff. Written as a simple rhyming poem for elementary students in primary level grades partnered with teacher notes and suggested activities this book offers parents and teachers the opportunity to introduce children to the First Nations, Inuit and Métis living in Canada. In 40 pages the coauthors use alternating pages to present the poem with colour cartoon-like drawings on the left page and facing page presents brief directions and explanations for infusing Indigenous cultural knowledge for beginners. The colourful illustrations by Tim Huff provide a light, non-threatening approach to a current topics such as who are First Nations, what is powwow, music, dance, Elders, storytelling, symbols and colours, Creator, Mother Earth, compassion and respect, and the importance of listening, and working together. Readers should be aware that the text for teachers on occasion shifts from terms such as Indigenous culture to Indigenous cultures. Readers may find this inconsistency confusing. There are numerous First Nation cultures in Canada and each Nation has its own unique history, culture and language. Terminology and the use of singular and plural when discussing Indigenous Peoples in Canada are important and all authors and publishers should strive for consistency and accuracy. Another minor issue is the illustration of the Haudenosaunee turtle shell rattle is used in the context of ceremonies and other healing matters. An illustrated horn rattle would be more appropriate as an illustration.  Overall the simple text and the teacher guide information are excellent for establishing a dialogue in terms of reconciliation and discussion. Recommended.

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