Keeshig & the Ojibwe Pterodactyls

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Keeshig Spade, Pedri-Celeste Spade
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Kindergarten, One
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Kegedonce Press
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Keeshig and the Ojibwe Pterodactyls is Keeshig's story transcribed by his mother, Dr. Celeste Pedri-Spade (Anang Onimiwin), Anishinabekwe from Lac Des Mille Lacs First Nation. Keeshig Spade (Keeshigbahnahnkut) is a six year-old Anishinabe from Lac des Mille Lacs First Nation. On a hot summer day, a young Anishinabe boy visits the shores of Gitchee Gumee with his mother. Nanaboozhoo, their teacher, is before them, presenting himself as a mass of land that stretches across the horizon. As they visit, Keeshig tells his mother about what he calls “the Ojibwe pterodactyls” that live with Nanaboozhoo. He talks about their hunting and what they like to eat. At the end of the story, Keeshig surprises his mom by sharing that the Ojibwe pterodactyls are indeed the thunderbirds and that they are the heartbeat of Nanaboozhoo. Keeshig’s mom is so happy and grateful to hear his story and gives him a big hug, letting him know that he is her heart. The story is accompanied by stunningly beautiful colour illustrations by his father, Robert Spade (Keeshigooninii), an Anishinabe artist-educator from Northern Ontario (Fort Hope First Nation) and his brother, Kiniw Spade. This remarkably beautiful children's picture book is a true family effort. Ages 3 - 7. Highly recommended.

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