When a Ghost Talks, Listen

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Tim Tingle
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Five, Six, Seven
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Road Runner Press
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When A Ghost Talks, Listen is the sequel to ‘How I Became A Ghost’ by Tim Tingle, an Oklahoma Choctaw storyteller and award-winning author. Tim Tingle’s great-great-grandfather walked the Trail of Tears in 1835 and this trilogy is inspired by Tim Tingle walking the trail and from recordings of stories of tribal elders. The first book in the series, How I Became a Ghost: A Choctaw Trail of Tears Story, sets the scene in a story about the Choctaw removal process from the Choctaw homelands in Mississippi to the Oklahoma Reservation during the 1800s through the eyes of 10-year-old Isaac. In When A Ghost Talks, Listen, Isaac learns that he needs to think before he acts as he continues to experience life as a ghost. He moves backwards and forwards in time with the ghosts of his ancestors, live and shape-shifting friends. In this story, Isaac is with Chief Pushmataha, Joseph, his dog, Jumper and other characters when they finally meet General Andrew Jackson in Washington and learn more about the intrigue leading up to and about Chief Pushmataha’s death. The last chapter in When A Ghost Talks, Listen rounds out the book with information on researching history and understanding that history is told from differing perspectives and that good people and good deeds should not be forgotten as we learn through those who died and lived during the Trail of Tears. There is a research bibliography and a map of the Trail of Tears and information about the author. The third book in this trilogy is planned.

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