The Cloud Artist- FNCR18

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Sherri Maret
Grade Levels:
Preschool, Kindergarten, One, Two, Three, Four, Five
Book Type:
Road Runner Press

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The Cloud Artist by Choctaw author Sherri Maret and Choctaw artist Marisha Sequoia Clark is published by RoadRunner Press. An imaginary story about a Choctaw girl who discovers her gift for painting with the clouds on a sunny day. Her family and friends are entertained and one day a traveling carnival sees her magical creations. The carnival man wants Leona to travel with the show and make cloud paintings as their cloud artist. To Leona this is a big decision that the girl has to make for herself. In the end Leona chooses to remain with her family. Over the years the story of the cloud artist remained among the Choctaw until one day the great granddaughter visited Leona and showed she too was a cloud artist. This colourful story draws on history of one multigenerational Choctaw family from 1900 to present day in this dual language picture book. Choctaw translation is provided Dora Wickson. Highly recommended.  The Cloud Artist has been selected in the Children’s Category Longlist for First Nation Communities READ 2018

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