Tribal Journey pb

SKU: 9781939053015

Gary Robinson
Grade Levels:
Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine
Coast Salish, Pacific NW
Book Type:
Native Voices
Publication Date:

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Tribal Journey is one of the titles in 7th Generations' PathFinders Series. This series of novels are known as high/low books—written at a lower reading level but with high-interest, age-appropriate plots. Designed for reluctant readers, these books feature linear story lines, limited vocabulary and short sentences. The layout and print size also contribute in making the books easier to read. Sixteen-year-old Jason is left with a paralyzed leg after a car accident and it is only after becoming involved with his Coast Salish mother's Nation and learning to "pull" a canoe that he begins to see himself as more than a disabled teen in a wheelchair. After completing a two-week tribal canoe journey with his fellow tribal members, Jason is proud to be Coast Salish. From the hardships and camaraderie of the journey, he gains a new sense of courage and determination to someday swim and walk again. Reading level: 4.2.

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