Walking Two Worlds

SKU: 9781939053107

Joseph Bruchac
Grade Levels:
Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine
Iroquois, Seneca
Book Type:
7th Generation
Copyright Date:

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Walking Two Worlds by well-known Abenaki author Joseph Bruchac is part of the exciting PathFinders hi-lo novels. These books have First Nation and Native American authors, are written at a 2.5 to 4.5 reading level, and all have plots that are age-appropriate for tweens and teens. The novels feature linear story lines, limited vocabulary, and contemporary as well as historical topics. The main characters are First Nation and Native American teens and the stories always connect to traditional teachings. The Reading Level is 2.5. The Interest Level is ages 12 to 16. This work of historical fiction is based on the true, inspiring story of the early education of Seneca leader Ely (pronounced eeelee) Parker (1828-1895). Hasanoanda was his Seneca name, but in mission school he became “Ely.” Despite the racism and deceit he faced, he never gave up his mission to receive an education that would enable him to aid the Seneca people in their quest to keep their land. As a young person, he learned how to live in the world of the white man, but never forgot his Seneca roots. Also included is an afterword that highlights the careers and achievements of Ely Parker&rsq

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