Danny Blackgoat: Dangerous Passage

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Tim Tingle
Grade Levels:
Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine
Navajo, Southwest
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Book Publishing Co.

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Danny Blackgoat: Dangerous Passage is the concluding novel of the Danny Blackgoat trilogy. During the Civil War, the United States Army imprisoned thousands of Navajos in unsafe conditions at Fort Sumner. Through the eyes of teenager Danny Blackgoat, readers experience how the Dine people struggled to survive. In this novel, the major characters appear in a final scene of reckoning. Danny Blackgoat must face the charge of stealing a horse from Fort Davis - or reveal that his old friend, Jim Davis, stole the horse to help Danny escape. The penalty for horse theft in the 1860s is death by hanging. Only the word of a Navajo woman can save both Danny and Jim Davis, but will she arrive at Fort Sumner before the bugles sound and the hanging begins? Danny Blackgoat: Dangerous Passage is filled with history-based action, as the Dine people leave their imprisonment and return to Navajo country. Part of the Pathfinder Series from 7th Generation. Part of the High Interest, Low Vocabulary collection. This series of novels are known as high/low books—written at a lower reading level but with high-interest, age-appropriate plots. Designed for reluctant readers from age 12 and up, these books feature linear story lines, limited vocabulary and short sentences. The layout and print size also contribute in making the books easier to read. Reading Level: 4.5. Written by Choctaw author Tim Tingle, winner of four American Indian Youth Literature Awards.

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