Nowhere to Hide

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Kim Sigafus
Grade Levels:
Six, Seven, Eight
Book Type:
7th Generation
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Nowhere to Hide is a young adult book by Ojibwa writer, Kim Sigafus. In this book, Autumn Dawn enjoys the outdoor life of lakes and woods of White Earth Reservation in Minnesota but at school she is bullied. With the school play only months away, homework tensions and Aunt Jessie Little Wolf coming to stay and share her room, things are becoming complicated for Autumn. Dealing with dyslexia, speech issues which she shares with her father, Autumn learns that she is not alone and can share her feelings about why she has lower grades and speech issues especially with 's'. She begins to face these issues rather than ignoring them and hoping they will disappear or that she can fix them herself. Aunt Jessie, Beautiful Cloud, tells her more about being Ojibwe, beadwork, pow wow and Jingle Dress dancing and encourages Autumn to take part in the school play. This book is about trust, friendship, bullying, patience and love. There are resources related to speech issues listed at the end of the book.

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