La plus belle Creation de Corbeau / Raven's Greatest Creation: Gaagaagi Ogichi-gikendaasowin (FR)

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David Bouchard
Grade Levels:
Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight
Metis, Ojibwe
Book Type:
Editions des Plaines
Copyright Date:

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La Plus Belle Création de Corbeau is the French and Ojibwe edition of Raven's Greatest Creation: Gaagaagi Ogichi-gikendaasowin, from Métis author and storyteller David Bouchard. Bouchard has dreamed this version of creation story of Skyworld, Raven, and the ultimate creation of two-leggeds or humans. Cherokee artist Brigitte Lopez has created a colourful and majestic series of paintings for this book. The animals such as Swan, Bear, Buffalo, Cougar, and Raven take on other-worldly appearances. Each animal and bird contributes their special gifts courage, humility, respect, cooperation, and wisdom to the new creation, humankind. Raven takes each of these attributes and tells the creatures of the earth they are in fact teachers for these new beings who are defenseless because they have no fangs, claws or wings. With intelligence the new people will have to learn these lessons well in order to succeed on earth. The bilingual (English and Ojibwe) picture book will appeal to readers from junior to intermediate level. Ojibwe translation is provided by Nancy and Jason Jones. Raven's Greatest Creation includes a CD featuring Jana Mashonee's The Enlightened Time and readings of the work in English, French and Ojibwe. Highly recommended.

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