Le capteur de rêves et les sept tentations / Dreamcatcher and the Seven Deceivers (FR)

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David Bouchard, Jason Jones
Grade Levels:
Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve
Metis, Ojibwe
Book Type:
Editions des Plaines
Copyright Date:

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Le Capteur de Rêves et les Sept Tentations is the French language edition of Dreamcatcher & the Seven Deceivers by Métis author David Bouchard. The sequel to Les Sept Enseignements Sacres (Seven Sacred Teachings), warns readers about voices one can expect to hear during our dreamtime, voices that do not represent the Sacred Teachings. In his introduction Bouchard explains long before the colonization efforts began, First Nations had prophesies that forewarned the people. These seven sacred teachings provided guidance for the Ojibwe and warned that the people would be tempted by seven cardinal sins. Recounting the story about a youth on a vision quest, the author explains these seven deceivers by using the importance of the dreamcatcher and the vision brought by Spider and her web. The book uses the teachings of the circle, the four directions, and the dreamcatcher to present character education ideas through the comparison of the seven cardinal sins and the seven grandfather teachings. Ojibwe language text by Jason and Nancy Jones. The accompanying Woodland x-ray style art is produced by Kristy Cameron. The accompanying audio CD is narrated in Ojibwe by Jason Jones, and in French by David Bouchard.

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