A Cash Blackbear Mystery - Book 3 : Sinister Graves (PB)

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Marcie R. Rendon
A Cash Blackbear Mystery
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Adult Education
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Soho Crime
A Cash Blackbear Mystery
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Marcie Rendon is an enrolled member of the White Earth Nation, a Pinckley Prize-winning author, playwright, poet, freelance writer, and a community arts activist. Set in 1970s Minnesota on the White Earth Reservation, Pinckley Prize–winner Marcie R. Rendon’s gripping new mystery follows Cash Blackbear, a young Ojibwe woman, as she attempts to discover the truth about the disappearances of Native girls and their newborns.

A snowmelt has sent floodwaters down to the fields of the Red River Valley, dragging the body of an unidentified Native woman into the town of Ada. The only evidence the medical examiner recovers is a torn piece of paper inside her bra: a hymnal written in English and Ojibwe.

Cash Blackbear, a 19-year-old Ojibwe woman, sometimes helps Sheriff Wheaton, her guardian, on his investigations. Now she knows her search for justice for this anonymous victim will take her to the White Earth Reservation, a place she once called home.

When Cash happens upon two small graves in the yard of a rural, “speak-in-tongues kinda church,” Cash is pulled into the lives of the malevolent pastor and his troubled wife while yet another Native woman dies in a mysterious manner.

Story Locale: Minnesota. This is the third book in the 'A Cash Blackbear Mystery'. Murder on the Red River is the 1st in the series, Girl Gone Missing is the 2nd, and now Sinister Graves, the 3rd in the series. Series Overview: Cash Blackbear is a young Ojibwe woman whose visions and grit help her solve brutal crimes in the 1970s in the Red River Valley.

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