A DreadfulWater Mystery - 7 : Double Eagle (HC)

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Thomas King
A DreadfulWater Mystery
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A DreadfulWater Mystery
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In this new DreadfulWater instalment 7, our favourite reluctant investigator returns with his signature wit and wry humour to solve a mystery that only Thomas King, Cherokee/Greek, could create.

Buffalo Mountain is set to host a gold coin exhibition with dealers coming from all over, and Thumps DreadfulWater winds up with the task of making sure the event goes off without a hitch. As if he didn’t already have enough to do.

For starters, he and Claire Merchant are trying to work out their relationship. Should they move in together or should they continue on as they have in the past? And there’s Sheriff Duke Hockney, who wants Thumps to give up landscape photography and return to law enforcement. And last but not least, Cisco Cruz, the ninja assassin, shows up in town with a fiancée in tow.

Can things get any more complicated for our hero?

Yes, they can.

When one of the dealers at the exhibition winds up dead, Cruz’s fiancée is revealed to be an FBI agent responsible for his protection. And Claire’s adoption of Ivory hits a major snag. Like it or not, Thumps is going to have to help Claire as best he can, discover why Cruz is really back in town and try to unravel the murder of the coin dealer—before anyone else dies.

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