A Quiet Storm

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Kim Sigafus
Grade Levels:
Seven, Eight, Nine
Book Type:
7th Generation
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A Quiet Storm is the 3rd book in the Sydney's Journey series by Kim Sigafus.

In this final book of this series, Sydney has at last come to terms with the anguish of being a bully and being bullied herself. But when her boyfriend reveals that he is looking forward to going away to college, another issue arises: Sydney finds herself dealing with deep separation anxiety. She believes he is deserting her?just like her father did. Sydney retreats into herself and pushes her boyfriend and others away. When her best friend points out that her response is not healthy, Sydney decides to attend a Native women's sharing circle with her mother. Here Sydney realizes that the quiet storm troubling her heart can finally be healed.

The first book in the Sydney's Journey series is Whispter to the Sky, the second is Yesterday's Rain.

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