Aan-kii-win: Migrations

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Victoria Assinewe
Grade Levels:
Adult Education
Ojibwe, Woodland
Book Type:
Wikwemikong Heritage Organization
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Aan-kii-win: Migrations is a 28-page Ojibwe and English language resource produced for language learners by the Wikwemikong Heritage Organization. The booklet contains four oral history accounts by storytellers Victoria Assinewe, Joe Osawabine, Justine Enosse and Stella Toulouse. The story by Justine Enosse recounts the travels of the Anishinaabeg as they tried to protect their children and on their travels they encountered a Civil War and also came across fleeing slaves. Some of the slaves were adopted into families as they migrated. In Joe Osawabine's story, Mni-shenh-in (The Islands), he recounts the various islands the Ojibwe used and inhabited including Chicken Island and Horse Island. Horse Island was noted because long ago a barge was transporting horses and during a storm the horses were cut loose and they swam to the safety of this particular island. This collection of stories offers language students a change to read about oral traditions.

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