Ahshiá:ton (You Should Write It)

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Jules Delorme
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Ahshiá:ton is a collection of stories based on traditional Mohawk teachings and tales. This work explores the lives and deaths of people and animals on the reservation and how the two blend into one another yet remain distinct. The stories are humorous and intense. They explore the parables of life, reflecting not just what it is to be Mohawk, or what it is to be human, but what it is to be alive.

Jules Delorme is a Mohawk First Nations author who was born and grew up on the Akwasane Reserve just across the St. Lawrence River from Cornwall, Ontario. Of Mohawk and French heritage, being one of only three kids from the Reservation to attend the white public school, having Asperger's, Dyslexia, and a violent childhood, Jules wrote and told stories to stay alive. Writing was something he didn't share with the world until now. He spends most of his time wondering why he is not dead yet and trying to remember the traditional teachings of his Tóta and his childhood. And, of course, writing. Always writing.

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