Akia : l'autre côté (Akia: The Other Side) FR

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Norma Dunning
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Adult Education
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Bookland Press
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(Nov 15/23)

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Norma Dunning, an Inuit writer, scholar, professor and grandmother, and translated by Hatouma Sako.

Norma Dunning grew up beyond the tundra and lived mainly in smaller, northern communities across Canada. She will say that she grew up in the places that no one would ever think to drive to. She won the Governor General Literary Award in 2021. Dunning writes in both poetry and prose, with poetry being her first go-to when it comes to creative work. Through the support of other Indigenous writers, Dunning came to realize that what she writes matters, although it remains difficult for her to share her work widely.

In this poetry collection, the author honours Inuit who lay in the past, and Inuit who are with us now and most importantly the Inuit who are waiting to come to us. The author believes it is not okay that Inuit children and adults died and were buried in unmarked graves, their bodies never returned to their loved ones. It is not okay that their relatives were never told of their deaths or where they were buried because keeping track of dead Inuit bodies was simply not very important to Canadian authorities. The author wants to imagine a world free of colonialism, a world without interference in Inuit lives. Let's build that world.

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