Amautalik and the Orphan: An Inuit Traditional Story, The, Level 8-11

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Neil Christopher
Nelson, James L.
Nunavummi Reading Series
Grade Levels:
One, Two
Arctic, Inuit
Book Type:
Nunavummi Reading Series
Copyright Date:

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The Amautalik and the Orphan: An Inuit Traditional Story is a title in the Nunavummi Reading Series published by Inhabit Education. This is a unique Nunavut-made levelled reading series that aligns the reading expectations of the Inuit language, English, and French. The reading series corresponds closely to the reading levels and expectations developed by the Department of Education in Nunavut. This approach to literacy provides educators and parents the tools they need to ensure that children are equally challenged and successful in all the languages represented in Nunavut. In this 32-page book grade one and two readers are introduced to a cautionary traditional story parents tell children about a strange Arctic ogress. In this version retold by Neil Christopher, long ago there was a poor orphan who did not have a family to care for him. The children in the camp teased the boy and would not play with him. One day an ogress captured many of the children because they failed to notice the monster. She placed the children in a large basket. But the orphan saw what was happening and quickly worked out a plan to save the camp children. The boy was successful and the children promised they would never tease the orphan boy again. The book contains a glossary about this Inuit monster. Colour illustrations are cartoon-like making the story accessible for primary level readers. Highly recommended. This leveled reader is Level 8-11 and has a text identified as & Level: J.

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