American Indian Education: A History, second edition

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Jon Reyhner, Jeanne Eder
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Adult Education, College, University
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University of Oklahoma Press
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Historian and educator present a comprehensive survey of the history of American Indian education in the United States from colonial times to contemporary times. They discuss the various policies and philosophies that missionaries, government officials, and legislators attempted in their efforts to Christianize and indoctrinate Native People in the United States. They discuss boarding schools (residential schools), tribal education, day schools, language education, and higher education efforts. They draw on first-hand accounts from teachers and students who were involved in education. The book contains charts, black and white archival photographs, an extensive bibliography and index. Jon Reyhner is Professor of Education at Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff. Jeanne Eder (Dakota Sioux) is Director of the Alaska Native Studies Program and Associate Professor of History at the University of Alaska, Anchorage. 

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