An Enemy Such as This : Larry Casuse and the Fight for Native Liberation in One Family on Two Continents over Three Centuries (HC)

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David Correia
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David Correia is a writer, activist and organizer. The foreword is by Melanie K. Yazzie, Diné, is bilagaana born for Ma’iideeshgiizhinii Coyote Pass Clan.

Just weeks before police would kill him in Gallup, New Mexico, in March of 1973, Larry Casuse wrote that “never before have we faced an enemy such as this.” An Enemy Such as This, for the first time, tells the history of that colonial enemy through the simultaneously epic and intimate story of Larry Casuse and those, like him, who fought against it.

From the genocidal Mexican war against the Apaches in the nineteenth century, through the collapse of European empires in the first half of the twentieth century, and culminating in the efforts of young Navajo activists and organizers in the second half of the twentieth century to confront settler colonialism in New Mexico, the book offers a resolutely Native-focused history of colonialism.

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