Arctic / Amazon Networks of Global Indigeneity

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Gerald McMaster
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Edited by Gerald Raymond McMaster, a Plains Cree member of the Siksika Nation, curator, artist, and author, and Nina Vincent, a Brazilian anthropologist, researcher, professor, and independent curator.

“Our hunting culture is dependent on a frozen North. We Inuit cannot have choice if we don’t have the right to be cold.” — Sheila Watt-Cloutier

“We have a strong relationship with the moon. Not just the moon, but the whole nature, the waters, the forest. . . . We have this direct relationship with the forest.” — Yube Hunikuin

Arctic / Amazon: Networks of Global Indigeneity offers a conversation between Indigenous Peoples of two regions in this time of political and environmental upheaval. Both regions are environmentally sensitive areas that have become hot spots in the debates circling around climate change and have long been contact zones between Indigenous Peoples and outsiders — zones of meeting and clashing, of contradictions and entanglement.

Opening with an Epistolary Exchange between the editors, Arctic / Amazon then widens to include essays by 12 Indigenous artists, curators, and knowledge-keepers about the integration of spirituality, ancestral respect, traditional knowledges, and political critique in artistic practice and more than 100 image reproductions and installation shots. The result is an extraordinary conversation about life, artistic practise, and geopolitical realities faced by Indigenous peoples in regions at risk.

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