Blackfoot War Art

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L. James Dempsey
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College, University
Blackfoot, Blood, Plains, Siksika
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University of Oklahoma Press
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Blackfoot War Art: Pictographs of the Reservation Period, 1880-2000 is a recent publication that documents the pictographs of Blackfoot warriors created from the 1880s to 2000 in both Canada and the United States. James Dempsey draws on his Blood First Nation heritage, extensive research in museum collections, and interviews with Blackfoot (Siksika) Elders to create this impressive work. He documents the types of artwork found on Blackfoot teepee covers, painted robes, teepee liners and doors, and painted panels that depict the images of warrior pictography and history. The book contains an historical and cultural overview of the Blackfoot Nation of the Plains, chapters on Blackfoot warfare, pictographs of war, painted robes, and miscellaneous pictographs. The book includes 32 colour and 128 black and white illustrations. It also includes an extensive bibliography, index, and map. Recommended for library collections that focus on Native Studies and the arts.

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