Cahier d'exercices La roue médicinale (Medicine Wheel Workbook : Finding Your Healthy Balance) (FR)

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Carrie Armstrong
Grade Levels:
Two, Three, Four, Five, Six
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Medicine Wheel Publishing
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Written and illustrated by Carrie, Kelly and River Armstrong.

La roue médicinale représente l'unité et l'équilibre entre toutes les choses, y compris une vie saine mentalement, spirituellement, émotionnellement et physiquement.  En comprenant les enseignements de la roue de médicinale, nous pouvons mieux comprendre notre santé holistique. Grâce a une sélection minutieuse des enseignements et des activités interactives, le cahier d'exercices La roue médicinale : trouve un équilibre sain encouragera les enfants a bien vivre et a trouver un équilibre sain.

Carrie, Kelly and River Armstrong are proud members of a Métis family from central Alberta. Their combined experience in education, child and youth care, and social justice, as well as their intuitive love of nature, animals, traditional plants and medicines, and Indigenous cultures, has lead them on a journey to create hands-on learning opportunities for children and families. What started as a well-received plant garden at Amiskwaciy Academy, Edmonton's Indigenous high school where Carrie was a teacher, inspired the family to want to further showcase the beauty of their culture, and educate Canadians on the contributions of Indigenous Peoples. They are honoured to share their interpretation of the Medicine Wheel Teachings, as taught to them by Elder Francis Whiskeyjack,, Cree, Saddlelake First Nation.

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