Canadian Business Owner’s Guide to Reconciliation : Best Practices for Indigenous Inclusion

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Alison Tedford
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Adult Education
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Self-Counsel Press
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Author Alison Tedford, Kwakiutl First Nation, brings her experience working with government, business, and nonprofits on Indigenous issues including reconciliation over the past two decades to this book.

Reconciliation is for businesses, too. From colonization through the Indian Act and residential schools, there is a lot of complicated history in the country we now call Canada. Between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people there is a disconnect, a fractured relationship we now need to make right. But what does Reconciliation mean, and specifically what does it mean for businesses? 'The Canadian Business Owner’s Guide to Reconciliation' is about how our history affects the present, and how we need to deal with the past so we can move into the future together. It’s about creating opportunities to include Indigenous voices in business, education around Indigenous history and best practices for businesses, and how we can reverse some of the unfair and unsustainable practices to create a better, more inclusive climate. If you're in business in Canada, you need to know how you can participate in reconciliation and transforming relations for a brighter future.  This title includes an Online resource.

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