Constitutional Crossroads : Reflections on Charter Rights, Reconciliation, and Change

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Kate Puddister & Emmett Macfarlane (Eds.)
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Adult Education, College, University
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UBC Press
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Kate Puddister and Emmett Macfarlane, both associate professors of political science, have edited this book with contributions from: Richard Albert, Gerald Baier, Stéphanie Chouinard, Brenda Cossman, Erin Crandall, Minh Do, Kerri A. Froc, Dave Guénette, Mark S. Harding, Lori Hausegger, Matthew Hennigar, Ran Hirschl, James B. Kelly, Kiera Ladner, Philippe Lagassé, Samuel V. LaSelva, Andrea Lawlor, Rebecca Major, Félix Mathieu, Andrew McDougall, Danielle McNabb, Eleni Nicolaides, Jeremy Patzer, Troy Riddell, Kent Roach, Peter H. Russell, Joshua Sealy-Harrington, Tamara A. Small, Dave Snow, Cynthia Stirbys, Mark Tushnet.

Four decades have passed since the adoption of the Constitution Act, 1982. Now it is time to assess its legacy. Constitutional Crossroads brings together an impressive assembly of established and rising stars of political science and law, who not only provide a robust account of the 1982 constitutional reform but also analyze the ensuing scholarship that has shaped our understanding of the Constitution. Contributors bypass historical description to offer reflective assessments of issues such as sovereignty, identity and pluralism, the scope and limits of rights, competing constitutional visions, the relationship between the state and Indigenous peoples, and the nature and methods of constitutional change. This book includes 13 tables; 4 charts.

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