Counting on Snow

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Maxwell Newhouse
Grade Levels:
Two, Three, Four
Book Type:
Hard cover
Tundra Books
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Counting on Snow is a captivating counting book that features the animals and birds of the Arctic. Counting down from 10 caribou crunching the artist and author brings a twist to this northern environment. The weather is clear when the reader meets the caribou. The next page shows the caribou again only in a changed configuration and then introduces the number 9 against an overcast sky. As the animals and birds are introduced the snowfall becomes more pronounced and finally one silent moose is mostly obscured by the heavy snowfall. Children meet musk ox, ravens, seals, snowy owls, trumpeter swans, polar bears, and wolves in this hide and seek artistic picture book. Adults may be needed to assist young children in seeing and counting these animals of the Arctic. Primary Spring 2012

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