Dancing Indigenous Worlds : Choreographies of Relation

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Jacqueline Shea Murphy
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Adult Education
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University of Minnesota Press
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Jacqueline Shea Murphy brings contemporary Indigenous dance makers into the spotlight, putting critical dance studies and Indigenous studies in conversation with one another in fresh and exciting new ways. Exploring Indigenous dance from North America and Aotearoa (New Zealand), she shows how dance artists communicate Indigenous ways of being, and generate a political force, engaging Indigenous understandings and histories.The vital role of dance in enacting the embodied experiences of Indigenous peoples.

Based on more than twenty years of relationship building and research, Shea Murphy’s work engages with growing, and largely underreported, discourses on decolonizing dance studies, and the geopolitical, gendered, racial, and relational meanings that dance theorizes and negotiates. She also includes discussions about the ethics of writing about Indigenous knowledge and peoples as a non-Indigenous scholar, and models approaches for doing so within structures of ongoing reciprocal, respectful, responsible action. This book contains 44 b&w photos.

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