Dancing With Our Ancestors (FNCR 2023)

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Sara Florence Davidson and Robert Davidson
Janine Gibbons
Sk'ad'a Stories Series
Grade Levels:
One, Two, Three
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Highwater Press
Sk'ad'a Stories Series
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Sara Florence Davidson is a Haida/Settler educator. Robert Davidson is one of the most respected and important contemporary artists in Canada. A Northwest Coast native of Haida descent, he is a master carver of totem poles and masks and works in a variety of other media as a printmaker, painter, and jeweller. Janine Gibbons, a Haida Raven of the Double-Fin Killer Whale Clan, Brown Bear House, is a multi-disciplinary artist and award-winning illustrator.

In this picture book, Sara Florence Davidson transports readers to the excitement of a potlatch in Hydaburg, Alaska—her last memory of dancing with her late brother.

It feels like my brother and I have always known how to sing the songs and dance the dances of our Haida ancestors. Unlike our father, we were born after the laws that banned our cultural practices were changed. The potlatch ban did not exist during our time, so we grew up dancing and singing side by side.

The invitations have been sent. The food has been prepared. The decorations have been hung. And now the day of the potlatch has finally arrived! Guests from all over come to witness this bittersweet but joyful celebration of Haida culture and community.

This is the fourth book in Sk'ad'a Stories Series.

First Nation Communities READ 2023-2024 Award Children's Category Shortlist

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