Doing Anti-Oppressive Social Work, 4th ed. Rethinking Theory and Practice

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Donna Baines, Natalie Clark
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Adult Education
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Fernwood Publishing
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Edited by Donna Baines, Natalie Clark of interconnected identities including settler, Secwepemc and Metis kinship, and Bindi Bennett, Gamilaraay. There is a foreword by Raven Sinclair (Ótiskewápíwskew) Cree/Assinniboine/Saulteaux from Gordon’s First Nation and an afterword by Wanda Thomas Bernard who was awarded the Order of Canada Award by Governor General, Adrienne Clarkson in June 2005.

Doing Anti-Oppressive Social Work brings together critical social work authors to passionately engage with pressing social issues, and to pose new solutions, practices and analysis in the context of growing inequities and the need for reconciliation, decolonization and far-reaching change. The book presents strong intersectional perspectives and practice, engaging closely with decolonization, re-Indigenization, resistance and social justice. Like the first three editions, the 4th edition foregrounds the voices of those less heard in social work academia and to provide cutting-edge critical reflection and skills, including social work’s relationship to the state, and social work’s responsibility to individuals, communities and its own ethics and standards of practice. Indigenous, Black, racialized, transgender, (dis)Ability and allied scholars offer identity-engaged and intersectional analyses on a wide-range of issues facing those working with intersectional cultural humility, racism and child welfare, poverty and single mothers, critical gerontology and older people, and immigrant and racialized families. This 4th edition of Doing Anti-Oppressive Social Work goes well beyond its predecessors, updating and revising popular chapters, but also problematizing AOP and engaging closely with new and emerging issues. This book contains 5 B/W Tables , 5 B/W Graphs.

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